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Where is Udder Cream used ?
Udder Cream has limitless applications when is comes to the skin. Whether you want to heal, sooth, hydrate or protect, this is the product for you.


Pregnancy - moisturising drastically lowers the chance of stretch marks. Udder Cream is specifically developed to improve skin elasticity and is perfect for keeping the skin soft and supple to cope with the gain (and loss!) of baby weight. Perfect for yummy mummies tummies !

Chiropody - fabulous for feet. Udder Cream helps prevent cracking and the build up of hard dry skin.

Dermatitus - helps sooth inflamation of the skin. Removing dryness drastically reduces skin irritation and Udder Cream can be very effective for eczema, rashes and allergic skin.

Barrier - any hard working hands whether its gardening, cleaning, building, painting or just plain exposure to the elements, Udder Cream is the ideal protection for the skin.

Sports - Udder Cream can be used anywhere there is friction on the skin surface. We have cyclists, fell runners, sailors, skiiers, climbers to name but a few who are all regular customers.

Sunburn - Udder Cream does not contain SPF, but is a great skin hydrator to sooth the after effects of sun or wind burn

Baby - Udder Cream is a gentle hypoallergenic moisturiser that is ideal for babies needs. From bouncing babies bottoms to bumps and bruises.

Of course there is no guarantee that Udder Cream will eliminate your skin condtions. Its not a miracle cure. But it is an excellent moistureiser and has shown outstanding results. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

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