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What is Udder Cream ?
Udder Cream is a moisturiser handmade from a secret recipe handed down through many generations. Basically its a simple, no fuss cream designed to maximise the moisture in your skin. It contains no colour, no fragrance, its lanolin free and has a non greasy, quick absorbancy.

A fantastic pharmaceutical formulation,
Developed in the Dales over decades,
Handmade to help, heal and hydrate,
To keep cows (and many udders) content...

Originally Udder Cream was developed to keep cows happy. Contented cows with healthy udders would willingly give up their milk (and more of it) for our tea and cornflakes. It prevented chapping and cracking of the skin and kept it smooth and supple to maximise milking performance. The crossover was quick - the farmers who applied it also gained from healthy hands and their wives soon discovered it as an excellent all over body cream. It was the best kept cosmetic secret for decades. Now you can have a go, we promise you won't start to moo (or indeed turn into a mad cow) take a look at our Where ? page for some current applications.
Its a great dermalotogical product that is simply made to benefit the skin.



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