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The Udder Cream Shop
We sell Udder Cream in three different sizes and mail it directly to your door - anywhere in the world. Contact us if you would like to buy some.


The Small size - approx. 30g
GBP 1.50 + P&P
Ideal for the handbag, the glovebox, the golfbag or indeed the pocket...


The Medium Size - approx. 225g
GBP 5.95 + P&P
Suitable for the more frequent user, the gardener, the sportsman and the bathroom cabinet.


The Large size - approx. 400g
GBP 9.95 + P&P
For regular use, skin conditions eg. eczema, a pot for pregnancy or a babies bottom barrier

The Industrial size is also available if you are a midwife, have a large herd or simply love to bathe in it...
If you are interested in buying in bulk for whatever reason, give us a call.
Postage and packing depends on where you are - we just charge the going rate.

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